Silicone deformers/Silicone anti-foam SD-3010A

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WynCoat®, Silicone deformer, due to their lower surface tension, silicone defoaming agents have greater defoaming action than organic defoaming agents. Organosilicon compounds (silicone oil) interfere with the surface tension of the gas-liquid interface, resulting in defoaming effect.

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WynCoat® SD-3010A is suitable for high solids, high build epoxy floor coatings and screen-printing ink suppression foams. Its main function is to form a thin film on the surface of the liquid, which can effectively prevent and destroy the formation of air bubbles, thereby avoiding excessive air bubbles inside the liquid and reducing the generation of foam. 

Key Features and benefits

● There is good effect to prevent foaming caused by the manufacture and construction in high solids and non-solvent epoxy coatings.

● Excellent anti-foaming property in high viscosity and thick film, especially in non-solvent and high thick film epoxy flooring coatings. 

Technical Physical Properties

Appearance: translucent liquid

Active content: 100%

Applications Method

• Incorporate before grinding and stirring to achieve optimum efficiency. Then, post-addition is recommended incorporate SD-3010A with sufficient mixing.

• In order to get better distribution and effects, we suggest to triturate colored paint and grinding parts together.

• Due to SD-3010A’s high active content, it can be pre-diluted to 10% solution with aromatic solvent. Because the hydrophobic particles is easy to precipitate, diluted product should spent immediately.

• SD-3010 shows thixotropic properties. Viscosity may be increase in low temperature or storage, but it is normality. We suggest to stir well before use.

• The optimum dosage level depends on the required effects and should be determined through laboratory tests. 

Levels of Use

0.01-0.1% based on total formulation.

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