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Hangzhou Topwin Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou Topwin in brief) is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co., Ltd. ( known as Wynca Group, Stock Code: 600596).

Wynca Group is the top 20 global agrochemical enterprises and top 5 global glyphosate manufacturers. Since 2002, Wynca Group started to research and explore polythether modified silicone fluid, which is additive for herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, acaricide, plant growth regulator and fertilizer, as silicone surfactant to enhance agrochemical efficiency. After that, technical teams spared no effort to develop new applications and new modified silicone fluid.

Hangzhou Topwin, established in 2015, by Wynca Group who are eager to develop the complete silicone industry chain and market into terminal and high-end new materials fields, cooperated with some professional companies in silicone downstream for many years. Taking the advantage of whole industry chain, which the main raw materials for silicone performance materials, and well-experienced industrial players in solution providing and marketing network, and surely the further research and development on silicone performance materials, Hangzhou Topwin are developing more and more silicone based performance materials to meet the customers' requirements on various fields, such as polyether-modified siloxane, silicone release coating, silicone carbinol, silicone emulsion and so on. It led us to build a strong core competitiveness and has a strong brand appeal and market influence. Now our products are widely used in the fields of polyurethane foam, leather and textile, coating and ink, release coating, crop protection, personal care and so on. Meanwhile we continuously have developed new applicated fields with strong technical team including research and development team and application practice team. 

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We insist on exploring the new silicone based performance materials to meet more customer's demands and developing more products in new application fields to become solution provider,  in order to make the balance between the nature and the people, between the advantage and the disadvantage, between the customer and economic benefits.