Silicone deformers/Silicone anti-foam SD-3165

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WynCoat®, Silicone deformer, due to their lower surface tension, silicone defoaming agents have greater defoaming action than organic defoaming agents. Organosilicon compounds (silicone oil) interfere with the surface tension of the gas-liquid interface, resulting in defoaming effect.

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WynCoat® SD-3165 is high concentration emulsion silicone defoamer. For many kinds of water-born systems, it can achieve good anti-foam performance and long-time persistence.  

Key Features and benefits

● Produces highly effective and long-lasting foam control

● Readily dispersible in water-based inks and coatings.

● Good compatibility with low tendency to cause defects.

● Very low tendency to affect coating gloss.

Technical Physical Properties

Appearance: milky white liquid

Non-volatile content: approx. 50%

Viscosity (25℃) ca.2000-4000 cp

Diluent: water

Application Method

• It can be added directly or using before pre-mix with material after disperse well.

• During the paint process, we recommend add 50% of total dosage before mill and add another part after mill.

• General speaking, the dosage of the formula in 0.2-0.5% can be effectivity prevent the foam appear. 

Pricessing instructions

Prior to use mix briefly with low shear-forces.

Addition may by either in the grind or during the let-down procedure. Addition as supplied is recommended.

The long-term effectiveness of the defoamer is dependent on the formulation and should be tested in the individual formulation (different temperatures are suggested.)

Package and storage stability

Available in 25 kgs pail and 200 kgs drum

12 months in closed containers.  

Product safety

Product safety information required for safe use is not included. Before handling, read product and safety data sheets and container labels foe safe use, physical and health hazard information. 

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