Xu Jian: Adhere to the simultaneous development of production and research to create the advantage in the industry

Due to its excellent performance in durability, versatility, biocompatibility and other aspects, silicone has gradually become a popular material in the market, with a wide range of application . Therefore, the silicone material has also been listed as a strategic emerging industry in China, and the successive promulgation of a number of industrial policies has strongly supported the development of the domestic silicone industry. China is a large country in the production and consumption of organic silicon, which is widely used in construction, electronics and electrical, textile, automobile, machinery, leather and paper making, chemical and light industry, metal and paint, medicine and medical treatment, military industry and other industries.

However, the sudden epidemic situation has weakened the market demand. The development of domestic and foreign silicone enterprises more or less shows a trend of falling. How can silicone enterprises break the situation in the complex market situation? Recently, Xu Jian, the general manager of Hangzhou Topwin Technology Development Co., Ltd., was interviewed to share how to develop its internal skills to break out of the tight encirclement in a weak market. “Insist on simultaneous development of production and research, and create industry advantages” is the principle and policy we have adhered to since its inception.

In January 2022, Topwin Technology was listed as “specialized, refined and new” enterprises of Zhejiang Province in 2021 announced by the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Zhejiang Province. In the past few years, we have invested heavily in scientific and technological research and development, and always paid attention to relevant achievements in the field of special functional materials at home and abroad, which is also a good knowledge reserve for new materials. Relying on Wynca Group, Topwin also has the opportunity to carry out technical exchanges with many top universities in China. At present, three projects have been finalized, and the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation around the research of silicone related fields. Topwin will effectively apply the cooperation achievements and breakthroughs to future product development, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, and bring users better products and intelligent experience. At the same time, Topwin Technology focuses on the market, invests in research and development according to customer needs, so as to solve the difficulties and pain points in the market, actively introduces diversified products, and gives customers more choices. Taking the wetting agent product 5100 as an example, the product not only guarantees the wetting and anti-shrinkage effect, but also solves the problem of more foam of similar products in the market. “Only by letting customers have a deeper understanding and recognition of our product performance we got a reputation effect in the industry, so as to establish brand value and expand the market scale. Otherwise, without market recognition, the goal of building a national high-end brand of silicone auxiliary is just empty words.” Xu Jian emphasized in the interview.

Since its establishment, Topwin has targeted well-known multinational companies in the industry from the perspective of globalization, taking them as the main learning benchmark. After years of development, the product technology, product stability and supporting service system have become mature, which has won the trust of customers in the industry, and enabled Topwin to still have good performance in the special environment. While continuously deepening its scientific and technological innovation strength, we are to continuously expanded its capacity to meet market demand. In September 2021, a new project with an annual output of 24000 tons of special modified silicone oil and silicone oil secondary processing products was officially launched through the environmental assessment. At present, the total production capacity has reached more than 40000 tons. The products are mainly used in polyurethane, leather, paint and ink, paper, personal care and other fields. After the new project is put into production, we immediately started to update production process on the new production line. Untill now  the verified product model has reached more than 95% which is put into the market. In addition, we have upgraded the packaging automation, intelligent warehousing, enterprise application system and other aspects, improving the efficiency of enterprise production and operation in an all-round way.

For a long time, Topwin has been committed to providing customers with all-round solutions in the field of silicone materials, and has worked with many partners to create a win-win situation. Topwin will transform these capabilities into the first mover advantage of the industry, provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Post time: Jan-04-2023