Strong Market Demand for a Good Start

On the fifth day of the New Year, in the Mamu Intelligent Park of Wynca Group, located in Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the roar of machines continued, the fully automated production line ran orderly, and the data continued to beat on the smart screen; In Wynca chemical production workshop, various preparations such as glyphosate water, granules and so on will be circulated in an orderly manner, and will be sent to domestic and foreign countries after packaging, ex-warehouse inspection and other links. During the Spring Festival holiday, all enterprises in Hangzhou continued to operate, and the employees were full of enthusiasm, striving to achieve a “good start”.

“There are many orders this year, and the production line is running at full capacity during the Spring Festival holiday to ensure the timely delivery of products.” Chen Xiaojun, director of the glyphosate plant office of Wynca Chemical Industry, said that in order to ensure efficient production, the number of employees on duty in enterprises during the Spring Festival holiday is basically unchanged, and the company also gives corresponding bonuses and subsidies to employees on duty.

“It’s very fulfilling to stick to the post during the Spring Festival,” said Chen Shunzhong, an employee of Wynca Chemical. Now glyphosate production has realized automation and continuity. “My job is to cooperate with upstream and downstream links to ensure the safe and stable operation of the device.”

Hu Chao, the supply chain operation director of Wynca Chemical, said that in January this year, the order volume of Wynca Chemical increased by more than 2000 tons compared with the plan, laying a good foundation for achieving a “good start” in the first quarter. “Foreign customers still have needs during the holiday, and our production has to keep up. From the New Year’s Eve to the present, production and preparation configuration have been carried out in an orderly manner. Next, we will complete product packaging and delivery in succession according to customer needs.

In the face of the strong demand of the market, many enterprises actively prepare to ensure the timely delivery of products. “On the one hand, we will reasonably arrange the order production sequence and schedule production according to the production plan; on the other hand, we will also make product packaging in advance, especially customized and personalized packaging, so as to shorten the delivery cycle and ensure product delivery,” Hu Chao said.

With the gradual recovery of logistics, products for overseas markets will also be delivered in an orderly manner. “I believe that the development of enterprises will be better and better,” Chen Xiaojun said.

Post time: Feb-01-2023